A comparison of our controllers


Supply Voltage:          
12 Volt x x(1)   x x
24 Volt x x(1) x x x
Current Limits:          
Adjustable x       x
Adjustable in each direction
  x x x
Drive Properties:          
Directions 2 2 2 2 2
Soft Start/Stop
    x x x
Control Signals
PWM       x
0-5V     x x
4-20mA       x
Digital Control x x x   x
Analog Control (pot/joy)     x x
Input Signals:          
Limit Switches     x x(3) x
Encoder Input
Analog Reference (0-5v)       x


Brake control signal (relay)       x
Over Current Indication
    x x
Motor poles are short cut when under voltage or supply is turned off x x x x(2)
Parallel control (requires one controller for each motor)

(1) Olika artikelnummer för 12 resp. 24V

(2) Utgång för broms kan användas för att styra externt relä

(3) Val mellan encoder eller ändlägesgivare görs i mjukvara

Sepro Development Kit

In order to simplify the development process for our costumers, we offer a development kit including everything you need for implementing our products in an application. The Sepro Development Kit comes in a stylish box with an easy QUICKSTART guide.

Content: QUICKSTART guide, motor controller, wiring, limit switches, hand controls, programming cable and PC software for the parameter settings.